We look forward to answering your specific questions. In the meantime, we created this Q & A to provide answers to questions the boards have discussed during the process.

Q. What will the new school be called?

Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy of Connecticut

Q. Why merge?

Our merger creates a single, uni.ed Jewish educational institution that will build, strengthen and transform the
entire Jewish community. The merger o.ers the unique opportunity to leverage the best teaching approaches,
educational resources, and operational e.ciencies to raise the bar across academic curricula and religious
experience from Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Q. How will Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy of CT support my family’s values and lifestyle?
  1. By encouraging and perpetuating Jewish values through a home/school partnership focusing on kindness, honesty, integrity, and the concept of tikkun olam.
  2. By embracing K’lal Yisrael (“All of Israel”) in welcoming students from every background of Jewish life and celebrating the diversity of our unique community.
  3. By enhancing every student’s connection to their Jewish heritage and identity.
Q. How will this school help my child achieve his/her academic goals?

Our students have a consistent record of achieving their personal goals. An example is private high school
and college acceptance rates:
  • Over 95% of our students are accepted to their first choice private high school.
  • Over 90% are accepted to their first choice of college
Q. What religious obligations will my child have at the school?

Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy of CT is devoted to embracing students from all across the Jewish spectrum,
while guided by the principles of modern orthodoxy:
  • Our interactive and engaging Judaic studies will be part of the curriculum with customized tracks available.
  • All food will meet rigorous kashrut standards.
  • Kippot are required for boys at all times
Q. How can I support this exciting new milestone?

There are a number of ways in which a donation can assist us at this exciting and critical juncture. Please
pursue giving opportunities at and (sites to be merged in the near future).

Q. What makes the Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy of CT a superior school?

We have the unique opportunity to leverage best-in-class practices from two highly regarded schools.
In addition:
  • Small class sizes allow for individualized attention. That means that teachers can meet each child where they are to leverage their talents and academic ability.
  • Amazing educational, emotional, and career resources including college guidance counseling.
  • The dual curriculum prepares students for the rigors of college.
  • Students can earn college credit in high school.
  • The educational leadership team includes multiple-degreed faculty including college adjunct professors.
  • Our relationships with local universities such as Yale and University of Connecticut, provide opportunities for students to participate in advanced academics in middle and high school.
Q. What advantages does the combined school create for families when it comes to:

Educational excellence
  • Better planning, articulation and implementation of curricula; more integrated preparation for high school and
  • AP-level science, mathematics, language, and social studies. Extensive STEAM curriculum, from Pre-K through 8th grade, and STEM curriculum in high school.
Cross-grade learning
  • Increased opportunities for middle school students to experience high school enrichment programs, and for high school students to gain mentorship opportunities, working with younger students and acting as role models for middle school students.

Educational resources
  • Diverse and well-rounded faculty will cultivate long-term relationships with students, act as mentors, and develop leadership skills; Wonderful opportunities for professional development; More course options to meet individual student capabilities, e.g., advanced math and science for middle schoolers.

Learning opportunities beyond the classroom
  • AIPAC policy conference
  • Corporate visits, programs with universities such as Yale and University of Connecticut, and institutions in Israel
  • Yearlong speaker series

Tikkun Olam: Chesed work at every grade level as well as specific clubs and programs

Q. How will the merger impact the combined school’s financial situation?

To continue to offer excellent academics and a well-rounded educational experience, the school will remain dependent on the support of parents, alumni, philanthropic organizations and generous individuals.  Greater efficiencies will be created due to combining resources. As we continue to run the school in the most efficient and impactful manner possible, we anticipate positive opportunities to adjust staffing assignments.

Q. How will the merger impact tuition and financial aid?

The merger will not impact tuition or financial aid policies in the short term.

Q. How will the change impact a donor who recently gave money to one school for a specific initiative?

All previously earmarked fundraising commitments to either school will maintain their original purpose.
Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy
2186 High Ridge Road, Stamford , CT 06903
Lower School (203) 329-2186  Upper School (203) 883-8970
Fax (203) 252-3124
BCHA is a recipient agency of United Jewish Federation of Greater Stamford, New Canaan and Darien, UJA/Federation of Greenwich, and Federation for Jewish Philanthropy of Upper Fairfield County