Academic Rigor

Our school has long been, and remains, 

at the top of its game in educating students. 



Bi-Cultural has twice received the high honor from the U.S. Department of Education of being named a Blue Ribbon School, a designation granted for a period of 5 years, most recently in 2017. This degree recognizes the school for its overall academic excellence, exemplary teaching and learning, and Bi-Cultural was the only private school in Connecticut as well as the only Jewish school in the country that received this coveted award that year. We also have the rare distinction of being a recipient of the acclaimed Jerusalem Prize from the State of Israel, designating the school as an outstanding institution in Jewish education.

The inquiry-based curriculum at BCHA is top-notch.  Informed by the Understanding by Design approach, units of study are thoughtfully planned to help students gain depth in understanding and create meaning from what they learn. In doing so, they transfer knowledge and skills to new situations. Passion for STEAM, the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, is a hallmark of the BCHA education. Our Makerspaces foster curiosity and promote the design thinking process by presenting children with real-world problems to solve. It is within the walls of our state-of-the-art engineering labs that students spend endless hours tinkering with robotics and learning computer coding, conceptualizing and creating inventions to better our world.  Curriculum methodology and implementation is an intentional process at BCHA and it is no wonder that our students earn top accolades in the local and national arena year after year!

How are BCHA teachers selected? They value the pursuit of excellence and the passionate potential within each and every child. They nurture all areas of a child’s development and learning with skill and care. Teachers encourage risk-taking and guide students in developing the confidence needed to handle challenging experiences. They infuse high standards into their educational programs. BCHA teachers are thoughtful, reflective and collaborative professionals inspiring children to think critically and problem solve. Creative, innovative and “out of the box” ideas are cherished. Bi-Cultural teachers serve as role models through action, word and deed.  

The learning process is a dynamic journey and our teachers relish opportunities to grow professionally within and beyond the walls of Bi-Cultural. Significant resources are dedicated to staff development for teachers to grow, adapt and hone their craft. BCHA teachers are curious and excited about new challenges, ideas and experiences. By immersing themselves into our very special school, BCHA teachers impart the joy of lifelong learning to each and every child.

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