Art Program

Our art program is based upon the “Principles of Art and Design” whereby students acquire techniques, skills and a variety of mediums, as well as applications for structuring these elements when creating a work of art. All types of media are features – pencils, crayons, pastels, craypas, markers, paints, and printing inks – and students learn about various artists and experiment by imitating their unique styles.

Student Masterpieces

Throughout the year, Bi-Cultural hallways are illuminated by the display of student masterpieces inspired by artists like Mondrian, Van Gogh, Serault, O’Keefe, and Picasso. Individual artistic creations take on added meaning as they are integrated with classroom units of study. Our ceramics curriculum enables students to explore concepts of clay, textures and glazes inspiring beautiful works of art that children cherish for years to come.

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