Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy is committed to ensuring that an incredible PK-12 Jewish and secular education is accessible to all students regardless of financial resources.


We are dedicated to making BCHA affordable for all families who wish to attend. It is our belief that all Jewish children deserve a Jewish education.  Accordingly, we offer  needs based financial aid.  Our application process is easy and confidential. If you believe your family will need scholarship consideration please complete the tuition assistance application and submit at the same time as the school application form. Click here for more information.


AGI program

In addition to financial aid, for those who qualify and apply, we have a tuition cap program that guarantees no more than 20% of a family’s Modified Adjusted Gross Income (up until $250,000) will be spent on tuition.


If you have any questions, please contact Karen Berk, Director of Finance at or call (203) 329-2186 Ext. 1402.

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