Middle School

Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy Middle School students study English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, meeting or exceeding state and national standards in these core subject areas. Our students are not here to just learn, but to begin the journey to becoming the writers, mathematicians, scientists, engineers, doctors, historians, and lawyers of tomorrow.

Dual-Curriculum School

As a dual-curriculum school, BCHA students delve deeply into Jewish text and culture, with a strong underpinning of positive character building. Respect and love for tradition and the principles of Modern Orthodoxy form the context for engagement and study of Torah, with the core values of Torah u’Madda, Zionism, Kavod ha-Briyot, and Ahavat Yisrael. These values are the foundation of daily student life, from Tefillah to Brachot to our Chesed programming and informal education experiences. A strong emphasis is placed on understanding and incorporating the importance of the Hebrew language in all aspects of Judaics at BCHA, bolstered by a robust Ivrit program.

Students at BCHA have the opportunity to explore their creative sides in art classes, to be the star athlete in gym or on any of a number of athletic teams, to be a star in the school play or musical, or to just explore new worlds of interests in a myriad of electives from Mock Trial to Advanced Coding to Spanish to Israeli Food and Song. 

Our middle school students are a part of their respective Jewish communities. Students participate in numerous Chesed opportunities each year. Whether it is collecting food for Jewish Family Services or donating gifts for children who are patients at the local hospital who need that special toy to bring a smile back to their face. We grow thoughtful, articulate, community-minded young men and women who will lead their communities in the future. That is what you can expect from a BCHA Middle School student.

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