Early Childhood

The early childhood years at Bi-Cultural mark each child’s entrance into a magical world of learning, caring, and sharing. Warmth, love, and positivity infuse the early childhood classrooms with joy and stir a sense of wonder, inviting our children to welcome the world that is opening up before them.

Multi-layered Experiences

Our thematic programs emphasize multi-layered experiences that awaken curiosity and motivate a desire to know more. Through music, rhyme, storytelling and games, Bi-Cultural students tap into the sphere of critical thinking in all disciplines. 

Children learn through “play with a purpose” as they develop social interactions, language skills, problem-solving, and creative ideas. For example, dressing up, playing with puppets and dramatizing are everyday experiences that inspire the imagination of our youngsters. Our enriched curriculum in general and Judaic studies at Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy increases the cognitive development of all children while nurturing inherent talents and interests.

Each and every day, students learn to live a life immersed in Jewish values and ethics (מידות) that include kindness (חםד), respectful behavior (דרך ארץ) and good deeds (מצוות). The Hebrew Alphabet, or Aleph Bet, forms the core of the Judaics curriculum in Early Childhood. Through immersion in the Hebrew language, our youngsters connect with their Jewish identity as well as the land of Israel. Students are introduced to Tefillah by learning the words and meanings of prayers. An emphasis is placed on attunement to key concepts like gratitude, respect, and a cultivation of awe. Each week,  students learn about the key figures and narratives of the weekly Parsha, or Torah portion. The Jewish calendar is a central part of the Early Childhood Judaics curriculum, as students learn about and experience the chagim and Shabbat in a warm and nurturing environment. 

Respect of Differences

Students at BCHA learn to acknowledge and respect differences in others, whether physical or cultural. Bi-Cultural children love being who they are, as Jews and as Americans, because they are imbued with standards of behavior that are the foundation of lifetime character development and good citizenship.

Focused Small Group

Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy prides itself on differentiated instruction. Our focused small group instruction and low teacher/student ratios provides the framework for children to experience success and reach their limitless potential. Our teachers’ continuous support, praise, encouragement and recognition of achievement effectively build each child’s self-confidence and excitement to learn. Our dedicated Early Childhood wing is a place filled with laughter and smiles.  Our children are filled with pride and a  love of learning that ignites their world and inspires them to reach for the stars.

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