General Studies Overview

Curiosity and creativity are celebrated at Bi-Cultural! 

Peek into a poetry reading or experience “Living History” as famous historical figures are brought to life. Relish a “Publishing Party,” design a map of your room or refine critical thinking skills with a game of chess.  Our homegrown “Bagels and Boardgames” extravaganza generates excitement as students integrate academic skills blending art, design and good old-fashioned fun.   Join a book discussion during “Lawn Chair Literacy,” and explore the wonders of nature in one of our many outdoor learning classrooms.

With just the right balance of academic, social, spiritual and creative opportunities, students refine their capabilities, develop their executive functioning skills, and broaden their interests.  They build the foundation of healthy study habits – learning how to concentrate and navigate challenges. The curriculum is designed to respond to a child’s mental appetite, providing multiple, guided pathways for children to become actively involved in the learning process.

What’s so amazing about Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy? We’d love to show you!