Through our small class sizes and with the assistance of support staff when needed, students at Bi-Cultural benefit from an individualized and concentrated focus on writing skills, research, problem-solving and verbal expression in both their secular and Jewish studies. 

Educating the whole child means also incorporating art, music, theater, athletics and much more into the school day.  

Students are also helped to organize their thoughts and taught to express themselves both orally and in writing.  

Through the study of Jewish texts, laws and customs, students engage in a process that fosters analysis, categorization, synthesis of information and the ability to draw logical conclusions. 


At Bi-Cultural, students are encouraged to pursue their interests, discover their talents and find their passions. Balancing challenges with support and encouragement, children experience the joy of accomplishment. In small classes, small group tutorials and one-on-one, students across the learning spectrum receive specialized instruction to enhance academic achievement and ensure academic success.

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