General Studies

Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy Upper School students study English language, history/civics, mathematics, science, and world language, meeting or exceeding public high school (and many private school) requirements in these core subject areas.

As a Jewish school, we are committed to instilling in our students a love of Israel, its people, and its culture, and to passing along the legacy and lessons of our Jewish heritage. Therefore, our students take Hebrew classes throughout high school, fulfilling their world language requirement. Additional electives are offered each semester, and students have free access to more than 160 online courses through VHS (the Virtual High School).

We offer courses at the regular, honors, ECE (UConn Early College Experience), and AP (Advanced Placement) levels, with honors courses taught at a deeper level and a faster pace than regular courses and AP/ECE taught at college level. Students who take ECE classes can opt to earn college credit from UConn, and students who take APs may also earn college credit by taking end-of-year examinations.

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