Scholarship Assistance for BCHA Families

Scholarships are awarded based on need to qualifying families. The scholarship application process is designed to be as confidential and equitable as possible.

The scholarship applications and financial information are submitted directly by parents online to Blackbaud Financial Aid Management (BBFAM), an independent third-party service provider used by BCHA and many other private schools, to help manage the scholarship assistance process. At BBFAM, financial aid officers process and analyze the information submitted and issue a report to the BCHA‘s Scholarship Committee. The BBFAM report is used as a guide by the Scholarship Committee to determine the amount awarded. No request is considered without an evaluation by BBFAM. Please use this link to access the BBFAM application: Click here to to access the BBFAM school portal.

All relevant tax returns and other financial information will be requested through the BBFAM online application. (Three years of tax returns,with passwords, are required, even if you have submitted them in other years.) If there are additional circumstances that you feel should be considered, there is space within the BBFAM application to explain (see “Other Considerations”) so the Scholarship Committee has this information. If a family wishes to appeal the award offered, the Scholarship Committee, at its discretion, may require additional documentation such as bank and credit card statements.

There is an expectation that families receiving scholarship dollars will contribute or raise from family, friends, business associates, employer matching grants or other resources, 10% of tuition assistance up to a maximum of $1,250 per year.  The dinner journal is a great opportunity to raise these funds.

The following factors will eliminate the possibility of tuition assistance and parents meeting any of these exclusionary factors are encouraged not to apply for financial aid:

  • Purchases of a home in excess of $900,000 or monthly rent in excess of $5,000.
  • Passive income (e.g. interest, dividends, rents, and royalties) in excess of $20,000 per calendar year.
  • Failure to fulfill the commitment to raise or contribute 10% of past tuition assistance (with a maximum of $1,250.00).
  • Charitable contributions in excess of $5,000 per year.
  • 529 Plan contributions unless utilized to pay BCHA tuition.
  • Investment Portfolios held in a family name or trust.
Returning Families Applying for Financial Aid
  • You must sign and submit a re-enrollment form online together with $750 deposit payment per student by December 12, 2022.
  • If you are a current family and plan to send additional students to BCHA in 2023-24, make sure to include those students on your SSS application.
  • Financial Aid (BBFAM) applications, together with 2021 tax returns must be filed by December 12, 2022, as well. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Financial aid awards will be communicated to returning families by mid-February. Families will have two weeks from receipt of their award communication to accept the scholarship award.


20% MAGI Program

Upon request, families whose Modified Adjusted Gross Income (“MAGI”) is $250,000 or less, may have tuition payments for all students enrolled at BCHA capped at 20% of MAGI. Modified Adjusted Gross Income is defined as Adjusted Gross Income plus an add-back of certain items including, but not limited to: net operating losses, passive losses, tax free income and distributions from investments (through K-1’s). This program is only for W-2 wage earners and not those who submit a Schedule C on their tax return. To apply:

  • You must sign and submit a re-enrollment form online together with $750 deposit payment per student by December 12, 2022
  • Submit your 2021 tax return all supporting schedules (including W-2s and 1099s) to the scholarship committee, either by sending a printed copy to the Business Office or via email at Please indicate that you are applying for the 20% Program (please make sure all relevant passcodes are provided for accessing the electronic tax returns).
  • A copy of your 2021 Tax Transcript from the IRS, obtained by clicking here and returning the transcript you receive from the IRS to the BCHA Business Office.


New Families Applying for Financial Aid
  • You must file an application for admission online, together with payment in the amount of $100 by January 3, 2023. Financial aid (BBFAM) applications, together with all tax information required by BBFAM must be filed by January 3, 2023 as well.
  • Financial aid awards will be communicated to new families in Mid-February 2023. Families will have two weeks to accept the awards.


All Families Applying for Financial Aid

Any family applying for scholarship who fails to submit all data requested by BBFAM and BCHA within the time frames set forth above, may not be considered by the Scholarship Committee for tuition assistance.


When you receive your award

Tuition awards will be provided on a rolling basis. Families have two weeks to respond to their award by:

  • signing their Enrollment Contract which will include the financial aid award,
  • paying the deposit indicated on the contract, and
  • setting up their account in the Tuition Management System (if required).

Each family will have 2 weeks to complete the steps above to accept the Scholarship Award and enroll their students. If you do not complete these steps by then, we may withdraw the Scholarship Award.

Ready to apply? Click here.


Change in Family Circumstances

If family circumstances have changed since the time of your application, please notify the business office immediately.  This includes situations where there was a job loss at the time of the application and subsequent employment has been obtained.  


Parents with changing financial needs should immediately contact the business office Director of Finance, Karen Berk, at or our Treasurer, Ron Kutas, at

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