NAVI | נביא

The stories of our prophets provide opportunities for personal examination and growth, critical thinking, and moral development. The study of Navi begins in fourth grade. Students begin learning about B’nei Yisrael’s experience after the death of Moshe Rabbeinu and entering the land of Israel. In addition to providing opportunities for meaningful and personally relevant conversations, students become proficient in the early history of the Jewish people  and our nation’s relationship to the land of Israel.  Themes of leadership, personal responsibility, courage, and repentance are explored.

Curricular Goals

Grade 4

Students begin their study of Navi with Sefer Yehoshua in fourth grade. Through our study of Sefer Yehoshua, students will explore how the mantle of Moshe’s leadership is passed to Yehoshua. Focusing on textual competency, students learn about the division and conquest of the Land of Israel while connecting the story to the map of Israel. Students become independent learners by integrating the vocabulary and skill knowledge gained from learning Chumash into our Navi classes. Students learn the foundational Tanach skills needed to become independent Tanach learners. Particular emphasis is placed on gaining a deep appreciation for the greatness and holiness of the Land of Israel. Students will express their understanding of the Sefer through creative projects while discovering how the lessons from Sefer Yehoshua are relevant today.

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