World Language

As a Jewish school, we believe that familiarity and facility with Hebrew, the language of our land and people, is a key outcome for our students, and therefore, our World Language requirement is typically fulfilled with four years of Hebrew language study.

Hebrew Language Learning

Our Hebrew language curriculum cultivates all aspects of Hebrew language learning and is based upon the “Bishvil Ha-Ivrit” CET (Center for Educational Technology) program. This program incorporates materials for all levels, from novice to advance. At its core, the program promotes an ongoing and dynamic interaction between content, linguistic knowledge, and skill development. Every unit of the program is centered on a theme that is relevant to daily student life while connecting to Israel, Judaism, and the greater world, exposing students to a wide variety of genres: prose and poetry, conversations, interviews, articles, notes, questionnaires, and more. The materials introduce students to Hebrew of all historical periods: biblical, rabbinic, medieval, enlightenment, and modern, and it offers variety and numerous opportunities to master the four communicative skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Active linguistic ability is built gradually along a sequential progression of increasing length and complexity of texts, richer vocabulary, and greater syntactic complexity.

In addition the “Bishvil Ha-Ivrit” curriculum, our Hebrew language program provides additional support for beginner students through an Ulpan-style class, and advanced students continue their learning with a study of Hebrew literature.

Students with certain language-based learning disabilities are eligible to apply to take American Sign Language instead of Hebrew language. ASL courses introduce students to the language of Deaf people in the United States as well as to the culture of the Deaf community. Emphasis is placed upon both expressive and receptive language skills, and coursework incorporates basic grammar and lexical skills so students can learn to communicate in American Sign Language in a range of situations.

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