Judaic Studies

Our Judaic Studies Department connects our students to their Jewish heritage and fosters literacy in Jewish thought, law, and history through direct engagement with Jewish texts. At every level, students are afforded the opportunity to study text and encouraged to explore the relevance of Torah study, values, and practices to their lives. The question of how to apply Jewish values, beliefs, and ideas in practice is of central concern, and as a Modern Orthodox school, Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy encourages students to ask probing questions and to use Torah teachings to enhance the world.

Judaic Program

Our Judaic program includes core courses as well as electives. In our core classes, students study Tanakh (Bible) as well as classic Rabbinic sources (MishnahTalmud, and Midrashim). Students also learn about laws and customary practices of the Jewish holidays and life cycles. Class discussions and assignments emphasize understanding of Halakha (Jewish law) and exploration of Aggadah (non-legal narratives in rabbinic literature). Additionally, seminars focusing on various Jewish themes supplement (or in some cases are offered in conjunction with) the basic core course offerings, and based on student interest and level, students can opt to take additional Judaic studies electives such as Jewish History and Halakha (Jewish law).

Beginning with the Class of 2023, students take two core Judaic classes per year, one in Tanakh (Bible) and one in Talmud (Jewish Oral Law) in addition to a Judaic elective and Hebrew language.

Core Judaic Courses

Our Beit Midrash classes and engaging faculty allow students of all backgrounds and denominations to deepen their understanding of our faith and heritage.

Elective Judaic Courses

Judaic electives and the ability to choose specific areas for additional growth help our students develop investment in and ownership of their Torah learning.

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