Our BCHA math program is differentiated in a way that enables students to be met where they are and to be brought forward at their own pace. The Sixth grade math program is the culmination of a program of study which has built upon previously-learned math skills and opens students eyes to early concepts of algebra and geometry. By Seventh grade, with fundamentals in hand, students explore Pre-Algebra, going beyond basic conceptual understanding to build the foundations necessary to be successful in the full Algebra program in Eighth grade. As well, the curriculum continues to build upon and develop a deeper understanding of basic geometry concepts that will be needed in high school. 

BCHA students also are given the opportunity to participate in Math Olympiad, allowing them to further develop critical thinking skills in connection with mathematics and to put their skills up against other top students from around the country. While always looking forward, the math program at BCHA works to guarantee that all students leave with a solid foundation for future successes with math in high school.

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