The BCHA middle school Science curriculum is built around the desire to help our students become the scientists of tomorrow. Theoretical and applied science goes hand in hand and our students are given a myriad of opportunities to explore science beyond the classroom. From rocket designs to dissections to student-led research projects, students are not found with their noses in their books, but rather are found exploring their world. 

Meteorology, geology, and astronomy bring students interest to the forefront in our Sixth grade Science curriculum. Followed up in the Seventh grade with a strong foundation in Biology and early explorations in Chemistry. BCHA students finish up middle school learning the intricacies of Chemistry and are given a strong foundation in Engineering. As well, as part of the Seventh grade year, students master the scientific method and apply it to student-designed experiments which are then entered into the Connecticut State Science Fair, with regular success at the state-level competition. This rigorous curriculum prepares BCHA students for STEM success in high school and beyond.

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